Black ghost knife fish diet

Crayfish are notorious for fighting with each other, sometimes up to the extent of losing their claws and if you put crayfish of different sizes, usually the smaller ones get bullied and become malnourished and stay that way the same with that size. The fish tries to stick to a certain area, which it guards from the species of its kind.

Should i get more? Knifefish tend to spend the majority of their time resting on the bed of the aquarium. There is a bit of a cleaning process however. With time, they can be adapted to foods such as beefheart and will sometimes learn to accept commercial food pellets. Due to waving motion of the anal fin Apteronotus can move in any direction.

Is there a pure freshwater puffer fish that can go in a 30 gallon tank? Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

Ghost knife fish help!?

I never used fertilizer or plant food when I had live plants fish waste in the tank was enough. Any ideas? I feed him practically every day giving him days off every now and then to let food settle and nitrates to go down.

Knifefish are a fascinating species of freshwater fish belonging to the eel family. Regular lights you have on your fish tank should be suitable for easy care plants. Like the Rainbow trout, the side scales shimmer, giving the illusion of a rainbow of colors as the light reflects off it.

Black Ghost Knife Fish Illness Advice

It swims gracefully using the anal fin, which stretches along the belly to the tail, undulating it to move equally easily forward or backward. The male will then guard the brood of eggs which are laid on the surface of wood or rocks and will tend them by fanning them with his fins.

Black Ghost Knife Diet

The only thing I can think of is if he shed lately maybe the skin around his eyes did not come off? Preferred Water Chemistry: Difficulties in keeping The fish is recommend for experienced aquarists to keep.

It also states everywhere that 2 ghost knives cant be kept in the same tank, I have 2 in 1 tank now, 1 is 13" long the other about inches. Im kinda confused. The clown featherback is also the main fish used in the production of fish balls.

The fish has a relatively small mouth for such a large fish, but it is still substantial, and the fish will ea Breeding: The fish lifespan is 10 and more years.

African Knifefish

· Best Answer: A full grown BGK might attempt to kill off the Dwarf Male Blue Gourami or maybe the Bristlenose. The others not so much and given enough hiding spaces the Bristlenose might be okay but you should spring for a bigger Pleco to house with a BGK, such as a Open. African knife Fish - Xenomystus nigri Banded Knife Fish - Gymnotus carapo Barred Knife fish - Steatogenys elegans Black Ghost Knife - Apteronotus albifrons Ghost Knife Fish - Notopterus notopterus Glass Knife Fish - Eigenmannia virescens Mousetail Knife Fish -.

· The black ghost knifefish is one of the most fascinating fish to keep in a freshwater aquarium. In this video, I go over the care and feeding, as well as give some general Indoor Gardening And Aquaponics.

I have 2 fire eels, a black ghost knife and a red tailed black shark, a few other fish but those are my bottom dwellers. I plan to add a Leopard Sailfin Pleco in the near future so i want to get ready for it.

Will my fish get a long with it?

Clown featherback

I have a 75 gallon tank with plenty of oxygen and hiding spots. Crayfish Info: How to Care, What to Feed & Tank Mates Selection into a red tailed black shark tank and also on one occurrence which I’ve seen the crayfish staying together with black ghost knife fish, but however, not sure what’s the outcome would be like as time goes on.

Place close observation though because sometime it is not your. Black Ghost Knifefish goodjoseph store offers the only knife fish that is tank raised for the trade. Fortunately the black ghost knife is also the most popular knife fish for aquariums. In the wild, native fishermen believe the spirits of dead fish reside in the Black Ghost, hence the name.

These fish grow very slowly, and frozen or live black worms are their favorite Rating: % positive.

Black ghost knife fish care-Total care diet and breeding guide
Black ghost knife fish diet
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